Making Sure Your Car is Safe for Vacation Travel

5 Ways To Streamline The Process Of Selling A Used Car

Selling a car can be risky business for those with no experience in this area or who don’t know a great deal about cars. Potential buyers sometimes claim that something is drastically wrong with the car and offer to purchase it at a vastly reduced price, for instance. Or the problem could be on your end — if certain pieces of the vehicle’s paperwork are missing, for instance, selling your car may involve substantial roadblocks. Following are five ways that you can streamline the process of selling your used car and make the transition go as smoothly as possible. Gather Your Paperwork The first thing you should do before you put your car on the market is to gather all its paperwork and ensure that everything’s in order. The title should be free and clear, or if you’re still making payments, they should be current. Many potential buyers will ask to look at service records — if you haven’t kept these, your mechanic shop may be able to provide you with printouts. You should also have the original sales paperwork. Have It Checked by a Reliable Mechanic Having your car thoroughly checked out by a trusted mechanic before you list if for sale provides an excellent way to provide potential buyers with solid knowledge concerning the car’s condition. Your mechanic should provide you with written documentation that the car is mechanically sound. If it’s discovered that the vehicle requires specific repairs, it’s fine to decide to let the buyer have those done by his or her own mechanic as long as you are up front about existing issues and... read more

What To Look For When Buying A Used Big Rig

It’s no secret that a new semi-trailer truck can be a pricey item, especially if you’re an owner-operator or a small fleet operator. Most new Class 8 trucks start out at around $80,000, and custom options can push this figure well past the $200,000 mark. It’s no wonder that so many buyers opt for the used market when it comes to shopping for a reliable workhorse. The following offers a comprehensive guide on what you should look for when shopping around for a used semi-trailer truck. Age and Mileage Most modern trucks are engineered to go up to 1,000,000 miles before requiring an overhaul. Even then, an overhaul can give an older truck a new lease on life. Because of this, buying a used truck isn’t the dire roll of the dice it once was in earlier times. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to go for the newest possible truck with the lowest possible mileage if you intend on driving long-distance routes with your used purchase. For short-distance hauls, you can get away with having a higher-mileage truck since you won’t be adding on as many miles as you would with long-distance driving. Structural Integrity Rust is the enemy of virtually any vehicle, especially when it comes to semi-trailer trucks. As you inspect your potential purchase, check the frame and various points along the undercarriage for signs of structural rust. Don’t hesitate to look elsewhere if you see significant amounts of rust and corrosion, as the time and money needed to fix it could be more than the truck’s actual worth. Engine and Transmission When looking for a used semi-trailer... read more

6 Reasons to Choose a Class B RV Over a College Dorm Room

Moving away for college comes with a lot of decisions. The typical route involves moving into a campus dorm room, but you are open to plenty of alternative options. One of these options is a Class B RV. Essentially a camper van, these RVs can be parked in standard student spots and have essentially the same amenities as a dorm room. As you weigh your options, learn about six benefits to choosing a Class B RV over a dorm room. Lower Costs One of the biggest parts of your decision-making should be the costs. According to multiple websites, the average price of yearly room and board for college can cost upwards of $9,000. Over the course of four years, this can later add up to $36,000. This price is only exclusive to on-campus housing. Paying for off-campus house rentals or apartments usually includes an increase in pricing. This also doesn’t cover additional costs if you choose to stay for summer courses or extended years in college. Instead of paying the money for a temporary home, you could invest that money into payments towards a Class B RV for sale. When shopping for used RVs, you can usually find a camper van for less than $30,000 that will last you for more years than the actual college experience. Healthier Cooking Dorm rooms are often limited to a microwave and the closest restaurants that offer delivery. Instead of completely changing your diet and gaining the dreaded “Freshmen 15,” a Class B RV has numerous dining options. When you shop for the RV, you can find a variety of cooking options that... read more

How You Can Reduce The Likelihood Of Brake Judder

During your time as a driver, you’ve learned to detect when your vehicle’s brakes need to be repaired. Typically, your brakes have required repair or replacement at least once a year, and it’s usually due to brake judder: the obnoxious rumbling that your vehicle experiences when you press your brake pedal. Brake judder reduces your control over your vehicle and causes further damage to other parts of your brake system. Here’s how brake judder occurs, and how you can reduce your chances of experiencing brake judder in the future. What Causes Brake Judder? Brake judder always occurs due to a variation in the surface of your vehicle’s rotors. When your brake pads are pressed against your rotors by your calipers, the uneven surface of one or more of your rotors causes the pad to skip or jump across its surface (similar to a pebble skipping across a body of water). Each time your brake pad makes full contact with your rotor and releases, a vibration is sent throughout your vehicle. Rotor variation can be caused by several reasons: poor brake pad installation technique, bad braking habits, and uneven wear between your pads and rotors are just a few of these reasons. Once your vehicle experiences brake judder, it can only be eliminated by having your rotors turned (resurfaced) with a lathe or replaced. Additionally, rotor variation can occur due to brake pad residue that binds to the surface of your rotors. Although some brake pads are designed to operate by transferring a thin film of material to your rotors, judder will occur if too much material has accumulated on... read more

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